Participant Experience



Ranked among the highest-rated Harvard Medical School CME courses, past participants consistently report that this program has inspired and improved their clinical practice and outcomes. Here are a few comments from recent attendees:

"There was at least one practice-changing take-away from almost every lecture." 


"The effects of this course on my practice are too numerous to fully elucidate, but include changes in the management of sexual dysfunction, recurrent pregnancy loss, and the use of metformin for PCOS."


"I have updated my induction of labour protocols, pre-eclampsia management, and assessment of fertility patients."


"This course provided lots of practical pearls for novel clinical scenarios--when patients or their clinical presentation don't align with the textbook or the 'study criteria.'"


"I am much more confident in my management of AMA and obese OB patients."


"This is hands-down the best update in every-day OB/GYN practice."


"There is some great clinical info that I have incorporated into my practice from the sexual dysfunction, menopause and osteo talks, as well as the pregnancy loss, PCOS, and congenital abnormalities talks."


"I brought back an abundance of updates to my hospital: changes in induction protocols, triage levels for emergencies, additions to protocols for gestational diabetes, expansion of genetic testing."


"Every part of this course is exceptional—which is why I come again and again."


"I now screen routinely for mental health with standardized questionnaires in pregnancy as well as postpartum."  


"The personal discussions and exchanges of ideas with the faculty and other participants made it a superior learning experience."


"I found the information on achieving better outcomes for maternal hemorrhage invaluable."


"The surgical techniques covered in this course have altered my approach to laparoscopy and vaginal hysterectomy."


"I am more comfortable treating depression in a systematic way."


"The lectures on IVF, on non-surgical management of GSUI, and PCOS were very useful to my day-to-day practice."


"The workshops' interactive question and answer were exceptional as they allowed expert opinion on vexing, out-of-the-box clinical scenarios."


"The new information regarding OB emergencies and twins management have influenced my practice, as well as the recommendations on determining when to do testing and when to treat."


"The practice changes inspired by this course are too numerous to count, but most importantly, I am equipped with the confidence to prescribe a course of treatment."


"My ultrasound protocol has changed due to this course."


"I have updated my menopausal symptoms management and now can make better choices for first-line pessary fittings."


"I have instituted the new Zika management guidelines in my practice."


"The whole course was excellent: topics, speakers, presentation."


"The structure of the day—especially ending with more personal and small group lecture time—was exceptional."


"The techniques presented for assisting in the care of obese patients are extremely helpful in my practice."


"All lectures and workshops were fantastic and informative."